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Get a Free Drink, Win Big Payoffs: Play Keno

A game that's as easy as picking a number for lottery and as exciting as waiting for the drawing of numbers in a bingo game, keno's a game that costs little to play. Just take a seat, mark a card, and sip free drinks while you play.

Those who play keno usually go to a keno lounge where keno cards and payout cards are available. Keno cards look like bingo cards. On the face of the card are squares marked 1 through 80. Payout cards would show how much the winnings are for every number of winning spots per bet. Payouts in keno vary from casino to casino. A casino, for instance, would pay $50,000 in an 8-numbered hit in a 10-spot ticket for $1 bet, $80,000 for 9 hits, and $150,000 for 10 hits. Another casino might pay $5000 for 8 hits, $100,000 for 9 hits, and $160, 000for 10 hits. In keno, then, payout percentage differs among casinos.

To play keno, the bettor picks a card and marks one's chosen numbers using Keno crayons. There are minimum and maximum limits to the numbers you wager on. The combination of numbers you bet on is referred to as Spot. If you play 6 numbers, then you are wagering on a 6-spot game.

The bettor would then proceed to a keno writer with one's bet. The keno writer gives the bettor a ticket. The ticket serves as receipt and contains the bettor's selection as well as the amount of the bet. Usually, the minimum bet amount per ticket is a dollar, although cards in some casinos cost only a fraction of a dollar.

Say, you're in a hotel room or in a café and would like to play keno, just mark a card then give them to who is known as keno runner along with your wager. The keno runner then brings your wager and your card(s) to the keno writer. The writer gives the runner the ticket, the runner returns with your ticket and, if there are any, your winnings.

What you do next when you play keno? Just sit down, sip a free drink. When the allowed time (usually 5 minutes) for placing bets is over, a device that looks like the ones used in lotteries, draw 20 from the 80-numbered balls. A keno writer will then announce every number that is drawn out. An electronic board shall then display the winning numbers. Video screens placed in certain locations in the casino will also display the numbers. Thus, even if you're in a café, you will know the results of the game simultaneously with players in the lounge.

To see if you win, match the numbers on the screen with the numbers on your ticket. To see how much you win, count the number of your hits and see the paycard table.

Tired of the usual competitive, strategy-heavy casino games like blackjack? Are you out of luck with slot machines? Come to a keno lounge, take a free drink, and play keno. The bets are small and the payoffs are wonderfully substantial. The more spots or numbers you hit, the bigger your winnings when you play keno. So we say, the more spots you play, the higher your probability of hitting.