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Pay Less, Win More: Play Video Keno

Why spend time at a keno lounge marking keno cards for a mere payout of 65-80% when you can have more when you play video keno?

When you play video keno, you get as much as 95% return per game.

What's more, video keno spares you the time-consuming process of marking keno cards, going to a keno writer, waiting for your keno ticket, and waiting until the drawing of numbers begin.

All you need to do when you play video keno is to press some buttons or touch the screen. What could be a more convenient and a faster way to play keno than that?

Moreover, with the machine all to yourself, you can control the intervals between games. In live keno, you usually have to wait every five minutes for a new game. Not with video keno. You can start anytime you want. You can shorten or lengthen the interval between games, depending on what pace of game you're comfortable with.

What's more, you can actually set the keno machine to play the same selection of numbers to as many games as you want. A video keno machine has play selection buttons. Typically, two buttons are available: Play One and Play Five. Play One sets your number-selection to a single game. Play Five automatically sets your number-selection to five consecutive rounds.

Betting when you play video keno is just as easy. With video keno, there's no need to approach a keno writer with your keno card and money. There's no need to wait for the keno writer to issue you with a ticket bearing your number-selection and the amount of your bet. On a video keno machine you will find two bet options: Bet 1 and Bet Max. If you want to make the minimum bet, press Bet 1. This will credit your game with a single coin. If you want to make the maximum bet, choose Bet Max. Most machines automatically read this as a 4-coin bet.

Another great advantage of playing online keno is the availability of low-denomination machines such as nickel keno machine and quarter keno machine.

In live keno games, the minimum bet is usually $1 and the maximum bet is $5. You can activate a keno machine for as little as ten cents per game. Thus, any player, especially those with small- and middle-sized bankroll, can play more keno games.

So why play at a keno lounge when you can have more convenience and bigger payout when you play video keno? With bigger payout and shorter intervals between games, you have more chances of winning more when you play video keno. So push the play button now, and let the drawing of numbers begin.