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Playing Different Keno Tickets

Keno tickets can only be used when you play in a land-based casino. You won't have to bother with understanding the different kinds of keno tickets you can play when you are online. As far as any keno player is concerned, a good game of standard game of keno is dependent on your understanding of many kinds of keno tickets.

Knowing how to play keno tickets is a must for anyone who is a true blue keno aficionado. If you want to play in close knit keno clubs or in a casino's keno room then you ought to learn the different keno tickets and how to mark them.

What we have below are the different types of tickets you might play in a typical keno room.

Straight Ticket: This is the simplest and the most straightforward ticket you can play. All you have to do is to pick a random set of numbers on your ticket and mark them. Players are allowed to play up to 15 numbers on a single straight ticket.

20 Spot Ticket: As you might have guessed, this ticket allows you to play up to 20 numbers on a single ticket. You get more payouts if you hit more numbers compared to a straight ticket. The only catch is that you have tougher chances of winning a 20 spot ticket than a straight ticket.

Top/Bottom Ticket: You basically have 80 numbers on your ticket. A top/bottom ticket allows you to use half of all those numbers. You will notice that the numbers on your ticket are divided into a top half cluster and a bottom half cluster. In a top/bottom ticket you get to wager on either the top half or the bottom half. You need to hit at least 11 numbers in order to get paid and you get paid more if hit additional numbers.

A variation of this ticket is the left/right ticket. The concept is the same, only that you wager either on the left half or on the right half of the numbers of tickets.

Multi-Game Ticket: A multi-game ticket, as you would have probably guessed, can be used in multiple ball drawings. The number of times a multi-game ticket can be used will depend on the rules of the casino you play on. Some casinos even allow multi-game ticket to be used up to 1,000 times.

Way Ticket: A way ticket is like a combination of different straight tickets in one. For example, if you mark ten numbers in a way ticket and make two groups of five then you are making a way ticket as if playing two five-spot tickets.

Edge Ticket: As the name implies, you mark the numbers on the edge of the ticket. You thus end up marking 32 numbers on your ticket.

Players who make use of the said keno tickets will make the most of their sessions. The quality of your keno game will only be as good as your understanding of the tickets used.